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Research Associate

Company Information

The Department of Biostatistics and The Center of Innovative Design and Analysis housed within the the School of Public Health at the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Department of Biostatistics and Informatics along with its partner Center, the Center for Innovative Design and Analysis, are actively recruiting team science faculty positions to meet the demands of a thriving medical and public health research enterprise. Despite the current climate, our team of biostatisticians is growing on our strong medical and public health research campus. In addition, we serve as the cornerstone to a pediatric hospital, adult hospital, and the VA.
These individuals will join a growing group of Master’s and Doctoral trained collaborative and consulting biostatisticians. The collaborative work for this position is split between the Center for Innovative Design and Analysis (CIDA) consulting branch and major collaborative research groups. CIDA is a campus-wide analytics center charged with expanding the analytics expertise and research for the Anschutz Medical Campus. The expertise desired ranges from ‘omics and bioinformatics, to electronic health records, and administrative data. Individuals will have the opportunity to work on a range of projects and data types and implement innovative analyses.
The Research Associate positions are Doctoral level positions focused on team science and collaboration and do not require the development of independent research for advancement.
CIDA and the Department of Biostatistics offer mentoring and support to all new employees.
If an applicant is in the process of obtaining a Doctorate and feel the position is a good fit for their skills and area of interest, please apply. All applications and applicants are welcome.
To be considered, all applications and materials must be submitted through the CU website.

Position Qualifications